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The physical education department is responsible for promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles through sports, exercise, and fitness programs. The department typically offers a range of courses and activities aimed at developing students’ physical skills, knowledge, and attitudes.


  1. Designing and delivering physical education curriculums for students at different grade levels
  2. Planning and organizing sports and fitness events such as intramural games, tournaments, and fitness challenges
  3. Coaching and supervising student athletes in different sports and fitness activities


Mr.Raju P
Physical Education Director (M.P.Ed)

     4. Conducting fitness assessments and tracking student progress

     5. Providing opportunities for students to learn about and participate in a variety of physical activities such as team                      sports, individual sports and exercise classes

     6. Promoting the benefits of physical activity and healthy lifestyles to students, parents, and the wider community.


The department plays an important role in promoting physical health and well-being among students, and encouraging lifelong habits of regular physical activity.


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