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BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. BBA course is a 3-year professional undergraduate level course for those who want to learn Business Management skills like Marketing, Accounting, Finance, and Sales. BBA is considered as a dynamic undergraduate course and is kept updated as per industry requirements.

This degree is designed to give candidates a broad knowledge of Business Administration and development of basic practical, management, and communication skills as per demands in the market.

The aim of the programme is to churn out effective & efficient HR skills which are rich in problem solving, Managerial aptitude & strategic vision & thinking. The programme is a blend of Class room training, hands on industry interface & ad on courses.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this programme will have job opportunities in

Retail, Banking, Finance, Insurance, IT, Marketing Research, Recruitment, Manufacturing, Supply chain management, data analytics, digital marketing,tourisim,international marketing/HRM and Consultancy sectors. Students are also groomed to take up entrepreneurial ventures with business incubation support. Many MNCs, private companies, Government and NGOs looking for multidisciplinary skills at managerial positions provide good opportunities for students in the areas of Marketing, Finance, HR, Business Analytics and Operations Management.

Programme Outcomes

The program is redesigned under NEP 2020 which is based on Learning Outcome Based Curriculum Framework (LOCF) so as to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills and understanding in streams like Marketing finance, accounting, taxation and Business management. The Bachelor of Management program prepares you for a career in Management,Marketing,Sales, Branding,  Advertising banking, financial management, MIS, Digital Marketing. Upon completion of B.B.A Degree Programme, the graduates will be able to:

PO-1:Use analytical and reflective thinking techniques for data-based  business problem solving, developing viable solutions, and taking effective decisions.

PO-2:Apply appropriate quantitative and qualitative techniques in solving business problems.

PO-3:Gain knowledge through inter disciplinary & multi-disciplinary Course learning.

PO-4:Ability to develop & understand global perspective of international business.

PO-5:Applying critical thinking skills for problem solving and decision making.

PO-6:Engage in a building collaborative & co-operative environment to produce desired outcomes.

PO-7:Understand and apply the disciplinary knowledge, theories, and competencies associated to core business functions and selected program of study.

PO-8:Assess, develop, and support strategic plans.

PO-9:Utilize research in business problem solving & decision making.

PO-10:Evaluate and apply leadership strategies in business environments.


Candidates should have passed higher secondary examination with not less than 50% marks from a recognized board. Candidates having academic background in science, commerce and arts stream are eligible to apply for this course. B.com is one of the most sought courses after 12th. According to the New Education Policy [NEP], the programme structure and curriculum has been revised. The concept of multidisciplinary is introduced where a student has multiple entry and exit option in the programme.

Completion Of :

Awarding Letter:

First Year

Certification in BBA program

Second Year

Diploma in BBA program

Third Year

Degree in BBA program

Fourth Year

Hons in BBA program

Each year consists of two semesters with a total of 8 semesters. Two internal assessment examinations are conducted for each course during a semester. At the end of each semester, an external assessment examination is conducted for all the courses opted in a semester.

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