Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

BHM is a professional course where graduates are immediately hired into the industry upon graduation. It Involves everything about hospitality, hotel administration and tourism. The course involves the study of topics   like Food and Beverage Production, Accommodation, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage Supply Management, etc. 

It is a hands-on programme where a lot of physical training and live sessions are held to help learn essential skills pertaining to the hotel and hospitality sector. 

The delivery of this programme is through training sessions with industry experts and internships in hotels and resorts. Students get a lot of industry ready skills and experience before getting placed Graduates from this programme are hired in a number of sectors in the hospitality industry like food and beverage, travel and tourism, marketing, hotels, resorts, cruise ships etc.

If one wishes postgraduate degrees in the same specialization, Master of Hospitality Management or MBA and PGDM courses can also be pursued as post graduation.

Why Should You Study BHM ?

The reasons to pursue a BHM program will depend on the individual’s goals and aims. Some of the general reasons why a Bachelor of Hotel Management should be pursued are as follows.

Unlimited career choices: BHM graduates are able to be hired in various different types of job areas from hotels, cruise ships, resorts etc. One can also get hired in the event management sector, and tourism sector too. There is no limit to the job opportunities available to an individual with a BHM degree.

Travel opportunities: Hospitality management offers attractive travel opportunities for work. If one Is lucky, employment opportunities can be explored in, and gained a satisfactory pay grade.

This helps expand the mind and outlook of the individual and resume too

High pay: The hospitality industry is a high-demand industry that takes a lot of time and effort. Work hours are long but rewarding at the same time in terms of pay. The starting average salary range is from IN 3,00,000 and upwards. The final salary package will depend on the individual’s skills and experience.

Essential customer care skills: BHM graduates learn many different essential skills like customer care, teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills. A lot of soft and hard skills are taught to individuals to survive in the industry.

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