Vanthra is a fresher event organized for students of commerce department. The name Vanthra was derived from word “Vanijya Shasthra” in Sanskrit.  This event was specially organized for the freshers so as to create an urge of learning with fun activities and rounds. This


Taxify is an intra-collegiate fest organized for students of commerce department to enhance the tax related aspects to the students by organizing various activity based rounds individually and as a group.


Bid-2-Win is an activity based event where commerce students are donned into the shoes of traders and participate in an auction to bid their prices on various products and business enterprises. This event enriches the students a practical approach on how to make financial planning and taking business decisions.


B-Gen is a intra-collegiate fest for commerce students organized and participated by students only. Senior students take up the role of organizing this fest consisting of various rounds and activities relating to the courses in the curriculum to the junior students. It is a two-way learning platform to the students where the seniors do the application of their curriculum and the juniors are introduced to the curriculum in a practical way.


Advaya is a two-day inter-collegiate commerce national level fest organized by the commerce department where commerce students from various institutions across the state and country take part in the event. Advaya, which means unique and the event is structured with various unique events and activities of commerce arena. The objective of this event is to instil practical application of learning through fun-based activities and group-based activities.

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