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Bachelor of Computer Applications was established in the year 2017 with the aim of not only giving the best education but also to let grow students in every ethics of life. The main aim of the BCA department is to offer superior quality, affordable, professional & value-based education with the view to build graduates with high ethical & leadership qualities. Therefore, Dept. of Computer intends to enlighten undergraduates to be in right endeavor by developing their distinct competencies with human values & professionalism that lead them to be successful, employable in the dynamic environment. The Department is fully equipped with a wide range of latest technology tools including Smart class, Computer lab and language lab. The department welcome you for a achieving your goals.

Gemini, Pentagon Space, Accenture and many more. The success of our alumni is a The growth in the number of students from the first batch of 66 to now having a family of over 358 students is commendable. This is a testament to the quality education and training provided by the department. The faculty’s dedication to bringing out the inner talents of the students is commendable, and the team “UBUNTU” that the faculty and students form highlights the importance of working together and helping each other grow.

The department includes Innovative and learning practice, Supportive Environment, Career Development Opportunities, Study guidelines, Additional certificate programs, Peak placement. The department provides excellent computing facilities with about 80+ computers of dual core range with latest software platforms like UNIX and Windows 11. All the machines are hooked on LAN with high-speed internet & Wi-Fi facility. There are number of Programming languages and front-end tools like C/C++, Java, Visual Studio, Net Beans, VB, Dot Net, Developer 2000 and backend access, SQL Server, Oracle 10g used for software development.

We believe that the success of our alumni is a source of inspiration for our current students, and we remain committed to providing them with the best possible education and training to help them achieve their career aspirations. We are confident that our current students will also go on to make their mark in the industry and become successful leaders in their respective fields.


To keep in tune with the latest developments in technology and produce skilled and innovative professionals who can meet the demands of the industry and contribute to the economy and society.


  • To provide a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum that incorporates the latest trends and developments in technology.
  • To equip our faculty members with the necessary training and resources to effectively teach the latest tools and technologies to our students.
  • To provide our students with practical experience through internships, industry visits, and hands-on training, which will help them to develop a deeper understanding of the real-world applications of the concepts they learn in the
  • To encourage our students to engage in research and development activities, which will help them to develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.
  • To provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving
  • To collaborate with industry partners to provide our students with opportunities for employment and career advancement.
  • To promote ethical values and social responsibility among our students, which will enable them to become responsible and contributing members o

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