About BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)

BCA is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on Computer Applications and Software Development. It is a four-year course that covers both theoretical and practical
coursework. It focuses on preparing students for roles pertaining to Computer Applications & IT industry. BCA graduates have skills and abilities in Computer programming,

Software Development, Database Management, Web Development, and Computer Networking, which are in high demand in the current job market. With the increasing use of technology in various industries, BCA has become a popular course among students who want to pursue acareer in the field of Computer Applications

Job Opportunities & Future Education 

BCA graduates have a wide range of job profiles to choose. They can choose based on their work interest. BCA graduates have job opportunities in various fields such as web designing, banking, computer programming, Network Engineering, System Administrator, Software, etc. BCA graduates can find employment in the government sector in various UPSC, KAS, FDA, SDA, PSUs like all Government Banks, Army, Navy, Railways, Air force. NSCI, LIC, etc. 

Some of the most common career paths for BCA graduates:

  Software Developer/Programmer: As a software developer or programmer, you would design, develop, and maintain software applications, using programming languages such as Java, C++, or Python. You would work on projects ranging from desktop applications to web and mobile apps. 

 Web Developer: As a web developer, you would specialize in designing and developing websites and web applications. You would work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies to create dynamic and engaging websites.

  Database Administrator: As a database administrator, you would be responsible for managing and maintaining databases that store information for businesses or organizations. You would ensure that data is secure, easily accessible, and accurate.

  Network Administrator: As a network administrator, you would be responsible for maintaining and managing computer networks within an organization. You would ensure that network infrastructure is secure, functional, and efficient. 

 Systems Analyst: As a systems analyst, you would work with businesses and organizations to analyze their existing computer systems and recommend solutions for improving efficiency and effectiveness.

  IT Consultant: As an IT consultant, you would work with businesses to identify their IT needs and develop customized solutions to improve their operations and meet their business objectives. 

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) degree,
students can choose to pursue higher studies in order to further their knowledge and skills in the field of Information Technology (IT) and related industries. Here are some of the most common higher education options for BCA graduates:

Master of Computer Applications (MCA): The MCA degree is a popular choice for BCA graduates who want to deepen their understanding of computer science and technology. The MCA program typically covers advanced topics such as software
engineering, data structures and algorithms, database systems, and computer networks.
 Master of Science in Computer Science (M.Sc. CS): Another popular option is to pursuea Master of Science in Computer Science (M.Sc. CS) degree, which provides a more theoretical and research-oriented approach to computer science.
Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science: The MS degree in Computer Science is another popular option for BCA graduates who want to specialize in a particular area of computer science. This program typically covers advanced topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and computer security

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology: The MBA in Information Technology is a good choice for BCA graduates who want to combine their technical skills with business and management skills. This program covers topics such as project management, strategic planning, and IT
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA): Many BCA graduates choose to pursue an MBA degree to develop their management and business skills, which can be useful for roles such as project management or IT consulting.
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA): The PGDCA program is a one-year course that covers advanced topics in computer science and technology. This program is designed to provide BCA graduates with specialized knowledge and skills in a particular area of
  • PhD in Computer Science: The PhD degree is the highest level of academic achievement in the field of computer This program is designed for students who want to pursue advanced research and development in areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and software engineering.

Program Objectives


Primary objective of this program is to provide a foundation of computing principles and business practices for effectively using/managing information systems and enterprise software


It helps students analyze the requirements for system development and exposes students to business software and information systems


This course provides students with options to specialize in legacy application software, system software or mobile applications


To produce outstanding IT professionals who can apply the theoretical knowledge into practice in the real world and develop standalone live projects themselves


To provide opportunity for the study of modern methods of information processing and its applications.


To develop among students the programming techniques and the problem- solving skills through programming


To prepare students who wish to go on to further studies in computer science and related subjects.


To acquaint students to Work effectively with a range of current, standard, Office Productivity software applications

Program Outcomes:

The Program outcomes in BCA are aimed at allowing flexibility and innovation in design and development of course content, in method of imparting training, in teaching learning process and in assessment procedures of the learning outcomes. The emphasis in BCA courses, in outcome-based curriculum framework, help students learn solving problems, accomplishing IT tasks, and expressing creativity, both individually and collaboratively. The proposed framework will help Students learn programming techniques and the syntax of one or more programming languages.

All students must, therefore, have access to a computer with a modern programming language installed. The computer science framework does not prescribe a specific language. The teacher and students will decide which modern programming languages students will learn. More importantly, students will learn to adapt to changes in programming languages and learn new languages as they are developed.


Discipline knowledge: Acquiring knowledge on basics of Computer Science and ability to apply to design principles in the development of solutions for problems of varying complexity


Problem Solving: Improved reasoning with strong mathematical ability to Identify, formulate and analyze problems related to computer science and exhibiting a sound knowledge on data structures and algorithms.


Design and Development of Solutions: Ability to design and development of algorithmic solutions to real world problems and acquiring a minimum knowledge on statistics and optimization problems. Establishing excellent skills in applying various design strategies for solving complex problems.


Programming a computer: Exhibiting strong skills required to program a computer for various issues and problems of day-to-day applications with thorough knowledge on programming languages of various levels.


Application Systems Knowledge: Possessing a sound knowledge on computer application software and ability to design and develop app for applicative problems.


Modern Tool Usage: Identify, select and use a modern scientific and IT tool or technique for modeling, prediction, data analysis and solving problems in the area of Computer Science and making them mobile based application software.


Communication: Must have a reasonably good communication knowledge both in oral and writing.


Project Management: Practicing of existing projects and becoming independent to launch own project by identifying a gap in solutions.


Ethics on Profession, Environment and Society: Exhibiting professional ethics to maintain the integrality in a working environment and also have concern on societal impacts due to computer-based solutions for problems.


Lifelong Learning: Should become an independent learner. So, learn to learn ability.


Motivation to take up Higher Studies: Inspiration to continue educations towards advanced studies on Computer Science.

Program Structure

Candidates should have passed higher secondary examination with not less than 50% marks from a recognized board. Candidates having academic background in Science/Commerce/Diploma/ITI are eligible to apply for this course. BCA is one of the most sought courses after 12th. According to the New Education Policy [NEP], the programme structure and curriculum has been revised. The concept of multidisciplinary is introduced where a student has multiple entry and exit option in the programme.

Each year consists of two semesters with a total of 8 semesters. Two internal assessment examinations are conducted for each course during a semester. At the end of each semester, an external assessment examination is conducted for all the courses opted in a semester.

Completion of

Awarding Letter

First Year

Certification in BCA program

Second Year

Diploma in BCA program

Third Year

Degree in BCA program

Fourth Year

Hons in BCA program

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