Women Development Cell

Alva’s College started a women empowerment cell on 3rd June 2013 to promote gender sensitivity and conduct diverse programmes to educate, sensitize both male and female members and produce pleasant atmosphere on the campus.


  • To empower women in all walks of life.


  • To create tradition of respect and equality for female gender.
  • Mainstreaming a gender perspective in the Development process and Plans.
  • To conduct seminar, workshop to impart knowledge of opportunities and train the women.


  • Mrs. Shaziya Khanum, Co-ordinator (Dept. of M.Com. HRD).


  1. Mrs. Archana Prabhat , Co-ordinator (PG Dept. of FNS)
  2. Mrs. Moulya , Co-ordinator (PG Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication).
  3. Mrs. Noorjan N (PG Dept. of Physics).
  4. Mrs. Shruthi T.S. (PG Dept. of Computer Science).

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