Student Council

Body of the student’s council consists of the following members in its administrative works: the Dean of all the streams – the Humanities, Arts, Language, Science, commerce, office superintendent, and sports representatives along with the representative of the management. It includes the student representatives from all sections. A whole body works under the supervision of the Principal.

Any degree college today is the seat of higher learning. It provides a space for generating, creating and discovering the new systems of college being itself a system.  There is the need to monitor the academic and the co-academic activities, according to the new programs of the teaching and learning. It is thought of better to implement the activity based learning of the things needed to elevate the standard and to make it more practically beneficial. In this regard the student council is formed on the campus.

Aims and objectives of the student council:

  • To make the process of teaching learning modest and productive.
  • To establish and maintain the discipline on the campus.
  • To arrange the supportive co-curricular and extracurricular activities supportive to the acquisition of knowledge added.
  • To discuss various anomaly and academic problems to make them from all the differences and thereby enabling to bring a better academic construct.
  • To think of the possibilities of introducing additional programs to make the students eligible and competent in sue of employ-ability.
  • To make the education system moderate in a way to practicing the philosophic maxim that the education is not a means but an end in itself. Though today the system has taken a different motive of the employ-ability.
  • The council advocates the principle of a self help and the self management. Being adherent to the socially accepted norms.
  • To monitor the infrastructural facilities and to keep everything in order and in use.
  • To check the bad elements and see that our students remain unaffected by such of these anti-social and anti-life elements.

These objectives are not only to enlist but to be practiced. It is for the creation of the model atmosphere on the campus and inside the classrooms, and to enable the teaching and learning smoother and interactive.

Student representatives witnessed live program of “Pareekshe Pe Charcha” held by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi