Inventio – Research and Development Cell

“Inventio” – the Research and Developmental Cell was established in Alva’s College with the objective to create research environment in the college, motivate students and staff to take up research projects.

Activities conducted:

1.       Programs related to Intellectual Property Rights

Under this, two IPR activities during 2013-14, one during 2015-16, two during 2016-17, two during 2017-18 were conducted.

2.       Workshops

·         During the academic year 2017-18 and 2018-19, Inventio has conducted two workshopsfor students viz., Research proposal writing and Review paper writing (on 14-2-2018, 14-3-2018 and 16-3-2018 respectively) for UG science students.

·         Organized guest lectures on “Research proposal and paper writing” for commerce and science faculty members on 23-4-18 and 7-5-2018 respectively.

·         Indian National Science Academies’ sponsored workshop on “Biodiversity for Human Welfare” was organized by the Inventio on 19-8-2018 and 20-8-2018.

3.       Funding for minor research projects

·         In the year 2015-16, in order to motivate students and staff members to pursue research, through this committee, proposal for minor research grant was invited. In the year 2016-17, two student projects and five staff projects were funded by the Alva’s Education Foundation Mooduidire